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Chadwick Demolitions Pty Ltd is the premier demolition company in Rosebud. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail, and enviable safety record.

We can expertly demolish warehouses, schools, homes, high rises and more! Having a building removed is a major undertaking, so we work hard to achieve great results for our customers and get the job done on time and on budget.

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The first step in new construction is often deconstruction. Chadwick Demolitions Pty Ltd's staff are the experts at making old buildings vanish without a trace and preparing sites for new construction. We will also dispose of all materials in a careful and environmentally friendly manner.

Hazardous materials

Asbestos and other hazardous chemicals are often part of the demolition process, so don't waste your time with a demolition company that doesn't take these issues seriously. We will remove and dispose of all hazardous materials and take all necessary precautions in doing so.

Project management

Our project management team is experienced at managing all types of demolition projects on every scale. We are confident that we can manage your next project successfully. Talk to one of our project managers about your demolition plans.

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